4th Israel Relief Aid Passover Project Being Set Up!

SederTable 2017 03 24 15 55 52 UTC

Israel Relief Aid is busy this Passover on your behalf for all those who want to fund food bags for the needy.  The fourth project will be for Holocaust Survivors only.  It will be in Netanya, on the coast above the Tel Aviv region.

Israel Relief Aid Passover Food Bags for Israelis in need

If you haven’t gotten into one of the other three Passover food bag projects,

(Passover food bags for families in Bat Yam, south of Tel Aviv)

(Passover food for Russian/Ukrainian immigrants in Rishon LeZion shelters)

(Passover Seder in Bedouin Tent in the Negev on Passover Eve)

this is your opportunity to get involved.  Click on this image below to donate:

Help Holocaust Survivors for Passover Food Bags

Holocaust Survivors include children (including displaced children) who have grown up over the years.  Those “children” suffered greatly, not only on their own, but also living with their parents who were also affected.  Having Holocaust Survivor parents is not an easy thing because they sometimes have a hard time expressing love or any emotion at all.  Today, Holocaust Survivors are aged 75-100+.  

These four Passover projects are all because of you!  Thank you for blessing the nation of Israel!