What A Mother Will Do for Their Child

Mother browsing through clothing at Petach Tikvah Aid Center in Israel for her child

The Petach Tikvah Aid Center in central Israel usually always receives from incoming aid containers (sponsored by friends of Israel Relief Aid). 

Mothers looking trough clothing in Petach Tikvah Aid Center (an Israel Relief Aid Center Partner).

There are plenty of moms in Petach Tikvah in poverty.  Work and finances are scarce for many of them. It’s not easy to walk into an aid center in need, but they do it for the sake of their children. Many of us have been in their exact position and this past year puts even more in the same boat.

Mothers looking thru clothing at Petach Tikvah Aid Center in Israel

They are grateful for this added assistance, especially when children are growing and seasons are changing.

Thanks to your help, they are receiving help and kids are being clothed.  Thank you for blessing Israel!