3 Wonderful, Exciting Passover Feeding Projects for Israelis in Need

Bedouin Tent in Israel

A new third project for feeding at Passover is being planned!  It will be held in Israel’s Negev desert region, in a massive Bedouin Tent!  It will be a huge large group (split into groups of 100), and the entire Seder will become a teaching platform.  Russian/ Ukrainian immigrants will be invited and a full meal will be served, and a seder will be great learning experience.

Pesach Food Distribution Volunteers

The second project for feeding impoverished Holocaust Survivors, widows, disabled, and others in the coastal city of Bat Yam is in preparation.  These are individual boxes/bags that will be packed.

The following contents will be ordered for the following contents:  matzot (required unleavened bread), a bottle of Tirosh (grape juice) (for the seder), chicken soup (for matza ball soup!), cooking oil, kosher-for-passover cookies, a bag of rice, and tuna.


Even though Israel has “opened up” the Coronavirus restrictions, everyone is watching the numbers to see if there will be another lockdown.

The third project for Passover will be in Rishon LeZion for new immigrants and Russian/Ukrainian immigrants who are happy to be in Israel but do not have funds for rent and other monthly expenses.  These immigrants are housed in three shelters.  Their Passover shopping list is being formulated now. If you would like to help in one or both of these projects, you can go to: 

Help Holocaust Survivors for Passover Food Bags