Passover Begins Earlier This Year!

Passover Seder 2018

Erev Pesach (Passover) falls in March this year.  The actual date is March 27 for the holiday Seder dinner.

That means we need to get help out at least one week before that so that those in poverty can prepare to celebrate with a Seder dinner and to eat matzot during the week of Pesach.

Pesach Food Distribution Volunteers

Israel Relief Aid is collecting funds for bags/boxes of Passover foods for the poverty population of Israelis in Bat Yam (where we usually give at Passover because the need is so great). 

Bat Yam Aid Center

This gives everyone an opportunity to connect with Israel for the holiday.  You are a blessing to us, and to all Israel!   We are here for you when you can’t be!

Remember, Bat Yam is an older community with a lot of Holocaust Survivors, widows and disabled living on small monthly stipends. It’s a great place to do a great mitzvah.

We know that you, like us, feel it is important to preserve dignity to these families.  So they will receive Pesach food bags or boxes that contain foods like matzot, grape juice, chicken soup mix and other foods that are traditional for the holiday.  

Be blessed as you prepare for this great holiday!