The Ultimate Fun, Meaningful Party for Kids

Youth Village Purim Party 3

A youth village on the outskirts of Jerusalem was the location for this month’s event for Purim.  This youth village consists of children/teens placed by social services because the parent/parents cannot care for them, or that they are orphans.

Youth Village Purim Party 1

Purim is the happiest holiday of the year in Israel. So sponsoring a Purim party and providing all the treats ensured that the festivities would take place.  Tons of Hamantaschen, snacks, juice, cups, ice cream machine and color wands were supplied by Israel Relief Aid.

Youth Village Purim Party food delivery

Lots of creative activities were supplied by the village staff. It takes their minds off their troubles and creates new memories.

Youth Village Purim Party 2

A popular saying in Israel at sad times is “May you never again have sorrow”.  It’s important to bring opportunities, like this party, to their lives. And by participating in this experience, you have given them joy for their sorrows.

Youth Village Purim Party 4

We at Israel Relief Aid want to thank you for giving these youngsters this experience.  Thank you for building up the people and nation of Israel and being a part of the lives of Israelis.