A Little Bit of Happiness

Upper Israel

In upper Israel, it is pastoral, green and gorgeous, but there is a price to pay for all that beauty. 

Someone who needs a job finds slim pickings and then the pocketbook is affected. So new immigrants who choose to live in upper Israel are choosing a beautiful place, however, can be very surprised when the money runs out.

Then, when they hear about humanitarian aid available to them, they rush to the aid center, even during COVID closure.

Finding items they need brings a little touch of happiness to their day and cheers them up in their quest to settle in the new country.  See pictures from Nof HaGalil Aid Center.

Nof Ha Ghalil Aid Center

These items are from the latest aid container . . . beautiful ceramic coffee cups from Europe, traffic jackets required in every vehicle, construction jobs, clothing, etc.

Of course much more arrived in the container, which also helped two youth villages in the central district and hospitals in the north, center and south.

It’s a great feeling to help these new immigrants and we want to thank you all for participating in this endeavor for the nation of Israel.