How to Bring Purim to Youth Village Children?

Young girl

On the outskirts of Jerusalem live 100 Israeli children . . . without parents, yet safe in the Kiryat Yearim Youth Village. 

These are kids that come from very difficult, untenable situations in the home.  At the village, they are placed in a safe place and nurtured. 

With help of partial government funding along with fundraising, the village can operate.  However, holiday celebrations and anything special is not covered.

Party Food

With Erev Purim coming up on February 25, Israel Relief Aid would like to sponsor a Purim party to bring joy to these special kids – with all the party food.  

The famous Hamentaschen (Oznei Haman), snacks, drinks, etc.   

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Please help us spread the joy to these kids that are so precious yet in a difficult situation.   Use donate button below to help:   

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