Haifa in the Pandemic

Haifa, Israel

The main victims of the Corona Pandemic crisis are working families (who lost their jobs or whose salaries were reduced), single-parent families and young families.

A survey carried out by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics found that the economic deterioration occurred primarily among the working-age population. About 21 percent of the participants stated that they had cut back on the amount of food they consume or the number of meals they serve for economic reasons as a result of the crisis.

Israel Relief Aid has a network of aid stations all over Israel, and in Haifa, on the coast in the north, there are nine stations.

Man receives athletic shoes at Haifa Aid Center

The need continues to be great, so we must give out to those in need as much as we can.  Here are some pictures of recent distribution to the Returnees to Zion Aid Center in Haifa, from our aid containers.

Man receives shoes at Haifa Aid Center

In the “feet in sandals” picture, note they are wearing support leggings (vein/cardio problems etc.).

They are all greatly appreciative of the new sport shoes!

Woman receives athletic shoes at Haifa Aid Center

We want to thank you for helping fund the container of aid which brought in these shoes.  It’s a great blessing to help these Israelis that have made their presence in one of the aid centers (can be a self-effacing experience to made one’s need known).

Another container is on the water and needs to clear at the Haifa port soon.  To help click below:

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