One Would Never Think It Would Get Cold There

Negev desert

Israel Relief Aid’s Winter Warm Campaign extends to some of the coldest places, and one of those is the Israeli desert – the Negev—which extends from Beer Sheva to Eilat in the south.

For a desert so hot in the summer, it is amazing that it gets so cold at night, especially in winter.  In a few days, it will get down to 2 C (35 F).

It has been about a year since the coronavirus pandemic began to take its shattering toll on the lives of Israelis that were already in poverty – losing their jobs and in some cases their apartments.  Hundreds of thousands of Israelis who lived in poverty before the coronavirus struck are now facing extreme need.

Israeli woman picking out clothing at Beer Sheva Aid Center

Thriving in Beer Sheva is an Israel Relief Aid humanitarian center that feeds and clothes the needy in the area.  Our job is to keep them stocked and enable them to continue to give away to those who are dependent on it.

Man browsing clothing at Beer Sheva Aid Center

A recent container unloading brought clothing to the aid center.  Another container is loaded in the Netherlands and ready to board the container ship bound for Israel.  If you would like to help get this container and other containers to get onto the ship, click button below:

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