Special Coronavirus Aid for Families in Need

Coronavirus test site in Modi'in
Coronavirus test site in Modi’in

Israel Relief Aid is distributing now in the Israeli territories to families living under the poverty line – supplies to clean up and protect against the coronavirus:  Toilet paper, bleach, sanitizer wipes, sanitizer soap, plastic gloves, etc.

Coronavirus supplies from Israel Relief Aid
Father receives coronavirus supplies from Israel Relief Aid

It’s hard to get these items even in Israel most of the time, but in the territories it’s even harder if not impossible.  Even within Israel’s green line, in the supermarkets, the shelves for eggs have been bare for some time in all stores. There is a lack of workers to collect and package the eggs!

In these days of the coronavirus, let’s reach those that really need it, those living under the poverty line in Israel and do what we can to help the need!  

And our prayer for you is good health and blessing for all of your family!

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