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Corona in the Settlements

Ariel, Israel

More feedback pictures came in from Corona supply distributions by Israel Relief Aid.

Israeli immigrant mother and son in Ariel receive coronavirus supplies from aid center

These were distributed by the Ariel Aid Center, located over the green line in the Israeli settlements.  The Israeli settlement population is over 600,000!

Israeli settlements, many of them, lack the basic services of a post office, health clinic, supermarket, welfare office, school, fire department, police, ambulance, gas station, etc.

Israeli immigrants in Ariel receive coronavirus supplies from aid center

So why do many Israelis choose an Israeli settlement to live in when it can be very inconvenient?   Because . . . firstly, it’s beautiful there, pastoral and quiet . . . usually homes are less expensive, and there are government exemptions for living in the “periphery”.  Still, many struggle from month to month, and it is a blessing to help them.