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Burnt House and Hanukkah Aid Center Gifts

Burnt home of aid center leaders

The house of the managers of one of our aid centers in Nazareth Ilit (Nof HaGalil) burned recently in the north of the country in a fire in the city.  They got out there to help their neighbors save their houses but they could not save their own.  Only their house took damage in the fire.

Inside the house the furniture is still OK but the house was filled with water in order to stop the fire, and so it was not habitable.  The roof was completely destroyed, as well as the windows, casings and shutters, walls, the backyard trees, landscaping and much more. The family was in a state of shock.  The government has not helped even though they said they would.  The insurance company said they will pay only 40% of the damage.

Aid Center Managers

This couple has given of themselves and have run an aid center for people living under the poverty line, Holocaust Survivors, disabled, Ukrainian new immigrants, etc. for many years.

The rainy season has already started here in Israel and they knew the first priority was to get the roof on to avoid more damage. With the support money they raised, they were able to fund the roof, however, nothing else.

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Israel Relief Aid would like to lend our support for this network aid center family.  We hope you will join us in this December Project.  We are hoping to aid them with the windows/shutters, so that they can have a window to put the hanukiyah for Hanukkah.  They are still running the aid center and giving out to the needy! 

This project includes also providing Hanukkah foods for the needy people at the aid center.

To help – please designate your gift “Burnt House and Hanukkah Aid Center Gifts”

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