An Awesome Gift in Tel Aviv


This month Israel Relief Aid reached out to the poor at the Tel Aviv Homeless Café!  Many Israelis have lost their jobs during these trying Corona times. Tens of thousands are living on the brink of despair and the constant, nagging stress of not knowing where their next meal will come from.  Giving to the Tel Aviv destitute by providing them a basic need of a free meal was a heart throb.

Tel Aviv Aid Center Volunteers receive Israel Relief Aid food supplies donation

Food stuffs were delivered to Haifa, where the teams prepared the dishes in large pots and brought them to Tel Aviv. 

It is so encouraging for the teams to see a donation like ours coming in to their kitchen!

Not only men live on the streets, but women in poverty.

Homeless receiving meal in Tel Aviv Homeless Center

A person has to really be in need to find themselves receiving a free meal here. 

What a great feeling to give them that meal!

Thank you for making this month of meals possible at Tel Aviv Café!