Guess Who Came Into the Shop Today?

Mother browsing at Haifa Aid Center

This is an Israel Relief Aid Center in Haifa – (the Downtown Haifa Humanitarian Center.  Haifa is on the north coast of Israel.)  The center is in a large shopping building with lots of stores, but this store’s contents are free.

Mother and child at Haifa aid center

This is a picture of a single mother who recently came into the shop.  She is divorced, has cancer, is not working, her divorced husband is not working so no financial support there, and she is raising four children alone with only a low-income stipend.

It’s life stories like this that makes me know I’ve chosen the best occupation there could be.  If I can offer any help to this one woman, it’s all worth it.  These are the types of stories coming out of all the Israel Relief Aid humanitarian centers in Israel.

There are at least eight humanitarian centers in the very big city of Haifa.  This one is run by Ethiopians.  One would assume that Ethiopians mainly come in and get help from the center.  However, here we see one of the many Ultra-Orthodox families helped regularly at the center. 

Now it is fall – turning toward winter soon – and the north of Israel gets very cold. So she is looking for jackets for the family.  Thank God you have been there to help bring these coats in, inside the last aid container.  We have another container on the water.  To help, click here:

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