In Beer Sheva, Pictures Speak 1000 Words

Beer Sheva desert

The Negev city of Beer Sheva, really the heart of the beautiful Israeli desert, is a thriving city, and yet there are still Bedouin villages in the Negev. 

Beer Sheva Aid Center

Obviously, to live in the south of Israel’s Negev, there must be employment.  This you can find in Beer Sheva.  However not for Holocaust Survivors, the disabled, the elderly, and other needy sectors. 

Israeli woman in Beer Sheva AId center

Having an Israel Relief Aid humanitarian center in Beer Sheva is critical.  It’s true compassion.  With over 200,000 population, a large portion are immigrants from Arab countries, India, the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia.  An immigrant population coupled with only a fixed amount of jobs.  There are thus a lot of needs in the city. 

Israeli women browse clothing at Beer Sheva aid center

You can see distribution recently at the Beer Sheva Aid Center, with goods from an Israel Relief Aid container.

So much can come in a container.  And there is another aid container due into Israel still this month.

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