You Did It!

Two shelters in Beer Sheva housing and rehabilitating men and women who live on the streets of various cities in Israel, as well as abused women, received a surprise blessing this month.  You blessed them right where they needed it.

Beer Sheva aid recipients

One of the largest running cost of these shelters is actually, food!  Keeping three meals a day on the table.  The highest costs come from the meat/poultry category.  These costs never stop – week after week after week. 

Beer Sheva donation.jpg

The shelters bulk-buy at the supermarket and plan for dishes to give nutritious home-cooked food that the men and women will feel like eating.  Many of these people don’t feel good, have medical problems, etc.

Israel Relief Aid sent your funds right to the Beer Sheva supermarket itself, and the shelters went and filled up the shopping carts and included some daily shelter supplies too

Doesn’t it feel great to feed the poor and hungry?  You have been a great blessing to the nation for helping like this!   Thank you!!