Reaching Out to Israel’s Northern Coastal Cities


Lots of brand new shoes from a recent Israel Relief Aid container were distributed in the northern coastal cities of Haifa, Akko, Nahariya and Kiryat Ata.  Nahariya (picture) is the town furthest north, near the border with Lebanon.

Y receiving shoe donation from Israel Relief Aid

This first picture is of Y. in Haifa that has been out of work due to the Corona virus.  The new shoes came just at the right time.  He didn’t have the funds to buy, but was scraping by.  By the way, he is a musician.

Man receiving shoe donation from Israel Relief Aid

The second picture is within a rehab in Kiryat Ata, and a man who is basically in total need.  He has turned his life around at the rehab in every way and the shoes were just the icing on the cake for him.

Man and son receiving shoe donation from Israel Relief Aid

The last picture is of a father (a dentist) and son in Haifa who have been going through hard times during the Corona time and the restrictions causing work time to be cut.    

Thanks for these shoes goes to you that helped financially.  You are a great blessing to Israel!  You can’t believe how each person getting these shoes feels – like they have hope!