New Year’s Message from Israel Relief Aid CEO

Israel Relief Aid container unloading

This world hasn’t seen a year like 2020 for decades.  The coronavirus shook the US, Europe, Israel and is still shaking.  It required us to tailor the humanitarian aid here so it fit the need and the new stipulations.

Elderly Israeli woman receiving Rosh HaShanah Israel Relief Aid food gift.

Containers still flowed, aid still poured out, monthly aid events were still held, and thousands of Israelis were helped with clothing, shoes, school supplies, diapers, etc.  Monthly food events were added into our operations this year as well.

It’s the time of year to think about these good things and what they have meant to people over here in Israel.  We at Israel Relief Aid think now also about these things and when we do, you come to mind.  Israel Relief Aid is really a collection of lovers of Israel that want to bless her.

May you be blessed with happiness, good health, peace, goodness, love, fellowship, and every joyful thing in the coming year.

Jo Kaplan