A Most Unique Rosh Hashanah

Israel Relief Aid, as you know, has given aid over many years to Arabs living in Israeli cities, as they come to the aid centers in Jaffa, Haifa, Beer Sheva and all over, they sprinkle in.  They, of course are one of the neediest sectors in the country.

Yet, what we don’t hear about is the opposite:  Arabs giving to Jews.  

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One of Israel Relief Aid network aid centers is in Nazareth and is run by a wonderful loving Arab family.  They give to all sorts of needy people in the city, Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs.  One day they told me that they had a deep desire to give to the Jews, and even did some efforts in nearby Nazareth Ilit through the Mayor’s office.

Nazareth Ilit (which changed its name to Nof HaGalil – “Galilee View”) was established as a city in 1974.  In the 1990’s immigration from the former Soviet Union doubled the city’s population.  Later, in the 21st Century, Bne Menashe immigrant families also immigrated into the city.  So the city has varied demographics, but is heavy on immigrant Jewish families that live under the poverty line. Neighborhoods in poverty:  their income largely based on government support.

Since the Nazareth aid center wanted to help the immigrants in Nof HaGalil, (and so do we) we decided to do something new:  a joint project for immigrants on the welfare roll in Nof HaGalil, with the Nazareth aid center involved, doing the distribution with the welfare department and spreading the love.

It’s a new thing in Israel, maybe a new thing anywhere. 

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We’ll give holiday food boxes of grape juice, honey, traditional couscous, humus, peas, green beans, but also staples like rice, corn, grain, and pastas. 

Let’s together bless the immigrants in the Galilee area of Israel that need help for Rosh Hashanah.  To help, click on image below: