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The Backyards of Sderot

Incendiary device in Sderot

One of our staff actually moved to Sderot recently to a large house with room for all the many children and of course a nice large backyard.   Not long afterward, they had to tell the kids they could not go out to play outside from now on until they checked.  Why?

Remains of incendiary device

Hamas has launched countless incendiary and explosive balloons from the Gaza Strip, igniting over 100 fires in southern Israel’s fields and forests over the past week, damaging areas in the south half of Israel — to animal and human life, to homes and to businesses.

These remains of an exploded balloon was found by the family in Sderot.  Their diligence will be even more required now.

These are hard conditions under which to raise a family – bombing, balloons, red alerts.  The families in Sderot need encouragement, and that is why Israel Relief Aid is doing a double aid project in Sderot this month.  The focus will be diapers for welfare families with babies, as well as bags of food.

Diaper donation for Sderot

We are excited for the participation of the food supplier – they have volunteered to truck the load from the northern central region to the southern region where Sderot is located . . . for free!

Israel Relief Aid Food Assistance for Bat Yam

Rice, couscous, pasta, spaghetti, peas, baked beans, grain, corn, green beans, humus, all low-cost but nutritious food that Israelis eat regularly.  And diapers in sizes 3-6 for a variety of babies. 

Come let’s bless Sderot together!  

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We’re praying for you from Israel – for healing, protection, and all blessing.