It’s Harder for Them in Israel


Which is the sector of Israelis most in poverty?  It’s always the Beta Israel from Ethiopia.  39% of Ethiopian Jewish families live in poverty, compared with 14% of all other sectors. Most Ethiopian Jews are working poor families.

child in school 1
Ethiopian child

These ancient Beta Israel Ethiopian Jews who have immigrated to Israel over the years still keep their own more stringent traditions – in diet, holidays, customs.  Because of diet and language, they have kept separate in their own communities, sort of self-segregated moreover. 

The new generation of Israel-born children, however, speak fluent Hebrew and of course attend public school like all the others.  So this “separation” is slowly changing.

School supplies donated to the Ethiopian community from Israel Relief Aid

Still, the poverty remains, and Ethiopians in Israel live in conditions that are much lower than others.  That is why Israel Relief Aid wanted to help relieve their struggle.  This year we went up to Haifa in the north, bringing school supplies to give them confidence and help them succeed.

School supplies

It’s one thing for Jewish immigrants to get to Israel, and it’s another thing to help them once they get here.  With your help, Haifa’s Ethiopian Beta Israel and Falash Mura are getting blessed.

And you know what that means. . . it’s a blessing for you too.  It’s just a win-win!  We greatly appreciate you!