What Happened in Sderot the Other Night?

Downtown Sderot

Israelis in the southern city of Sderot, next to the Gaza Strip, ran to whatever bomb shelter they could find close . . . yes, more bombs from Gaza.   Each bomb disrupts the rest of the day.

Why would anyone live there?  A couple reasons.  First, most that could, moved out when the bombs got bad a long time ago.  Those that remain could not sell their homes or for whatever reason couldn’t afford to house themselves in another area.  A good percentage of Sderot’s population is in poverty. 

Second, the question arises:  should Israelis abandon Israeli land to Hamas because of bombs?  The population of Sderot says no.

Bulk Diaper donation for Sderot

Standing with the Israelis in Sderot, Israel Relief Aid has planned two projects for August in the city.  One is baby diapers, to be distributed to welfare families.  The second is basic food stuffs for families known to the ministry of welfare in Sderot.

Food Supply donation for Sderot

This is an opportunity to reach out our hands in blessing to the residents in Sderot that are struggling financially and with post-traumatic stress.  Let’s be a blessing.  Click on donate button below to assist:

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