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Ramle, Israel

Ramla is an Israeli city in the central district with ancient origins.  Tourists can still see ancient sites there.  The city is 84% Jewish and Arab Christian, and 16% Arab Muslim. 

Woman receives Israel Relief Aid in Ramle

It’s a city of roughly 75,000 population and has been economically depressed for decades with one of the highest crime rates.  It has been plagued by civil neglect, financial problems and a negative public image.  Yet, most of the people living in Ramla are some of the most humble and sweet people who would do anything for you.

Israelis in need receive browsing Israel Relief Aid in Ramle

This is why Israel Relief Aid makes it a point to send Ramla clothing/aid from our incoming aid containers. 

Man receives Israel Relief Aid in Ramle

You can see the need and reaction in the pictures – especially of this youth that so needed the large blue school pocket file.

Male teen receives Israel Relief Aid in Ramle