2nd Post-Lockdown Aid Container

Nazareth Aid Center picks up free aid from newest Israel Relief Aid container

Israel’s northern aid centers received an aid container last week filled with new sport shoes, pillows and sport clothes as well as furniture and daily wear clothing.  One of the Christian Arab aid centers in the struggling city of Nazareth had this feedback:

New sneakers donated to Nazareth Aid center

“I’m sending you this message to tell you about the smiles you brought to many faces, that your supporters did with their support and aid to us. 

I can’t even express how happy they were, how they hugged these shoes, how it’s very important to them that some have never received a gift like this in all their life, because it’s very expensive.

One person put on the shoes, but you should have seen the socks they had on, which were full of holes.  . . . One guy wanted to kiss the shoes, to put them under his pillow.

About the clothes, they were so happy, so proud to get something like this.  The Muslim families that are coming to take these clothes are also so happy, but can’t believe that we are giving these clothes for free.

We are doing an outreach to the Muslim community and we are forging relationships.  Here is a feedback letter from a Muslim widow with many children:

          Dear friends and your families,

Thank you for standing with us with your clothes and shoes.  You are giving to us in Ramadan, and this was such a great blessing.  We want to thank you because we were in need.  Especially during this time in which our leaders give us no financial support, we can’t do anything. We lost hope, then I see you coming to us and bringing your clothes and shoes and blessing us when we were in need, and I am in shock.  We love you all and we don’t know what we would do without you. 

You people are very special, and we consider you our dear friends.  You have blessed us in different kinds of ways.  We will tell everyone we meet about everything you gave us.

We want to thank these people from abroad that support you.  We want to tell them, “You are doing amazing, great work here in Nazareth.  We bless you.”

Looking forward to seeing you again next month. – Fahima

Again thank you.  Thank you really for standing with us.  Bless Israel Relief Aid and your supporters doubles.

                                                                                     Saahir, Nazareth Aid Center”

Very important outreach is happening and enemies are becoming friends.  These items were given to Jews, Arabs and Christians all over the north of Israel.  Thanks to you!