Containers Resume Post-Lockdown

Israel Relief Aid June container unloading

Last week, aid centers in central and southern Israel received their own 40-foot shipping container after the Coronavirus national lockdown. 

Israel Relief Aid June container unloading

As restrictions lifted, the container was quickly shipped from the Netherlands, filled with new bed pillows, new sport shoes, new sport clothing, and all the other clothing that the aid centers need constantly.  You can see that the need to wear masks continues, even though Israel’s “daily new cases” numbers of the virus has gone to single- or low double-digits.

This container was a one-stop container, unloaded in Ashdod, but also the cities of Beer Sheva, Jerusalem, Rishon LeZion, Ramle, Sderot and Bat Yam are all stocking their aid centers from this container.  Within 2 hours, the container was back at the port, without the need for a distribution warehouse/forklift, truck or warehouse employees, and all the other costs of those components. (which donations pay for!)  It’s our unique “Fast Flow Technology”. 

Israel Relief Aid is excited that a second container is planned to unload in a couple days in Haifa for all the northern aid centers.  THANKS TO YOU, this massive aid is blessing Israel!

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