A Very Special Place for Disabled Youth

With so much happening in the world, we felt it important to reach out to the disabled community in Israel to let them know they have not been forgotten.

So for the month of June, Israel Relief Aid will reach out to the Ben Shemen Day Center for disabled young people. This is a very special Day Center in the central district near Ben Gurion Airport

We have adopted the center, which receives a minimal budget but without a lot of things included. Even the parents of the young people contribute monthly for therapists and other expenses.

Ben Shemen Day Center for Disabled Youth Activity Room

To make money to help the low budget, the youth make and sell ceramic items and crafts, for trips outside the gates, facility upgrades (and they’ve had to do a lot to bring it up to standards), holiday celebrations, etc.  Above is the breakfast room/activity space.  You can see that there’s not a lot of room.  Therefore, there are a lot of activities that are done outside in the courtyard and one other room this size.

In the picture is the vegetable garden that they grow and create salad from. 

Ben Shemen Day Center for Disabled Youth Vegetable Garden

We’ve provided them a load of cleaning supplies annually for a couple years.  This year the center is asking again, as they so need it now more than ever. 

Israel Relief Aid is dedicating the month of June for this project and we invite you to participate. 

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