In the Galilee

Northern Galilee

Israel Relief Aid has focused on coronavirus boxes and bags of food and cleansing supplies for quarantined families and elderly shut-ins.

People browsing for clothing at Carmiel Aid Center

At the same time, aid center distribution has been continuing, when the restrictions allow.  Lately we have been delivering coronavirus help in the Galilee (northern Israel).  These are pictures of the Carmiel aid center, located in the center of the Galilee, which has also been busy.

Man receives clothing at Carmiel Aid Center

It is just amazing the need for second-hand clothing and of course new clothing goes even faster.  This aid center has been around for many years, so it is well known and is also known by the city’s welfare department. 

Woman browsing for clothing at Carmiel Aid Center 1

Here in Israel everyone has two sets of clothes:  for summer and for winter, with more pieces for spring/fall (light, long sleeve).  Israel really does have four seasons, however spring and fall tend to generally be “shorter”. 

As I am writing this, we are mid-May, which is spring.  However, we are in the 110 Degree range for a whole week.  That’s why we are calling it summer already.  Winter clothing just will not do now – too hot.

The aid centers would be struggling without your help!  Thanks to you, Israel Relief Aid stock the centers and this keeps the doors open.  Aid containers of clothing are always in need here.

Thank you so much for your help!