COVID-19: Long Process to Return to Norm

Elderly woman receives COVID-19 supplies from Israel Relief Aid

Here in Israel, the Coronavirus appeared earlier than in the US, so we are climbing out sooner as well.  However, the “return to normal” process is not a quick one.

Family receives COVID-19 supplies from Israel Relief Aid

Although most are back to work, restaurants are still not open except for delivery, and all must still wear masks and gloves.  Though extended family can gather in one home, friends cannot gather.  Trains are not yet running and businesses are running at 50% in the office, under conditions of isolation.  Those that can are still working at home.  Schools are now opening for the rest of the students. . . but only for a few days a week.

Baby sitting with one of the COVID-19 supplies from Israel Relief Aid

The largest need remains the seniors who continue with 100% restriction, as the virus is especially dangerous to their more fragile state and also families in quarantine.  So we have our work cut out for us to deliver to as many as we can, food and supplies bags/boxes as we can.  We invite your help: all the month of May, go to: