May Project: Getting Up to the Galilee

Israel Relief Aid delivers coronavirus supplies

Israel Relief Aid has focused on both major problem cities like Jerusalem and “forgotten” Israeli towns areas across the green line in the central district:  to elderly and quarantined families during this Coronavirus period.

Israel Relief Aid visit to Holocaust Survivor

This physical aid is much more than just a “phone call”.  Phone calls are good, but a physical tangible food bag or box plus a physical visit with a Holocaust Survivor is so much better.

Israel Relief Aid coronavirus supplies

Now it is time to focus on northern Israel in the area of Galilee:  Nof HaGalil

Nof HaGalil
Nof HaGalil

Nof HaGalil is situated just above Nazareth and its name means:  view of the Galilee.  It’s one of the cities in Israel that gets a little snow every year. Around one-third of its 42,000 residents are immigrants from the former Soviet Union.  Around 35-40% are 60+.

With your help, we can help Holocaust Survivors in Nof HaGalil with food bags/boxes before the holiday of ShavuotTo help: