From Ukraine to Ashdod

Why on earth do Ukrainians leave their home country to make a new life in Israel?

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Firstly, to make a living

It is said that Ukraine is one of the easiest places to live because the rents average around $317 per month.  The problem is that wages average $263.  That’s not even enough to pay rent, let alone utilities, food, clothing, etc.  So life is quite hard.

Secondly, anti-Semitism.  One immigrant, Olga, tells how she was requested to remove a star-of-David necklace from her neck because it denoted a religion different than her teacher’s.  The stories get worse from there.

So, immigrating to Israel is their dream of a better situation.  The Israeli government gives Ukrainian immigrants an immigration package that includes a break on monthly rent for some months at the beginning.  Many Ukrainian immigrants settled in Ashdod.

Ashdod Aid Center staff
Ashdod Aid Center clothing bins

Through the welfare and word of mouth in the Ukrainian immigrant community in Ashdod, immigrants find out about the Ashdod Aid Center.  The center has moved and we have pictures of their new facility of three separate rooms plus an intake courtyard.

Yulia, the manager, runs a very organized center with separate places for intake stock, extra stock and ready stock sorted by type and size range.

Ashdod Aid Center clothing

A container is being loaded now for shipping to the Ashdod Aid Center because in the last two months there has been a high demand for clothing (because of COVID-19). 

Ashdod Aid Center stock

If you would like to give financially towards clearing the container in Ashdod port, please click on link below:

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