Coronavirus Numbers Continue to Increase in Israel

Orthodox Jews in Israel

Israel’s death toll is continuing to grow.  The city of Bnei Brak has been cordoned off, and the other ultra-orthodox cities like 3 neighborhoods in Jerusalem are next because they have their own rules of law and don’t follow the State.  Also in these towns they find the highest rate of people who have the virus. 

Israel Relief Aid Kosher for Passover grocery delivery to a mother and her four children

As far as the rest of Israel who have been suffering economically, the Ministry of Health and the senior academics are giving opposite opinions as to when these low-risk groups should return to school or work, whether after Passover or not. 

Israel Relief Aid Passover Grocery Delivery

In the meantime, many Israelis don’t know how they will fare in the next month or two without income.  They are cutting food purchases to low-cost foods. 

Israel Relief Aid is continuing distribution of supplies to needy Israelis in this time of need, like large families living under the poverty line and the elderly and the disabled.

These recipients are so thankful to you!  It’s because of you – our donors – that these distributions are possible.

Let’s continue this!

Israel Relief Aid Passover Outreach