Coronavirus Shut-Ins Supply Packs Needed


Here in Israel we are on lockdown, can’t go over a block away, in any direction, except for supermarket/pharmacy/doctor. 

woman in face mask

However, Holocaust Survivors and elderly Israelis are told to stay in completely. 

Since deliveries can now take up to two weeks long, due to overload of the system in this kind of lockdown, no one is ordering! 

Israel Relief Aid will be distributing supply sacks containing specialty items like the following during this time:

  • Bags of groceries
  • sanitizer gel
  • pack of toilet paper
  • box of latex gloves
  • kitchen trash bags
  • sanitizer wipes
  • other sterilizing items

Israel Relief Aid does not want the Holocaust Survivors to worry. They’ve suffered enough! 

Israeli senior citizen female receives emergency relief supplies

We’ve all heard that all the virus hits the elderly more than anyone else.  It usually puts them in the hospital in the ICU.

 We want to help prevent that . . . and we can!  Let’s give them supplies to sustain them and “ammunition” to sterilize their areas, their elevator buttons, door handles, and give them some basic supplies that are common to everyone.

Will you help us provide as many of these kits to as many Holocaust Survivors and elderly Israelis as possible?    You will be blessing Israel!

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