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Coronavirus Aid Needed in Israel

Elderly woman in face mask

As we all know, this is a time that happens once in an era, and it calls for unique efforts.

Man in wheelchair being visited by relative

The State of Israel has asked its registered nonprofits to step up to the plate, as potentially there is a lot that could be done with their help. 

The most vulnerable to COVID-19 in Israel also are Holocaust Survivors and those from 70+. 

Online grocery deliveries could take two weeks due to the population trying to now use the service instead of going out to the store.  And the elderly risk their lives if they go out right now and most do not have computers even if they wanted to order online.  It’s a really hard time for them!

So, we’re here in Israel right now urgently packing lifesaving food bags for distribution on Sunday to ensure that Holocaust Survivors and the elderly too fragile to leave their home won’t go hungry.  Food for Passover, canned goods, matzo, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. will be in the bags.

We have the opportunity to “Comfort, comfort My people” when they are frightened, and hungry and your gift could make all the difference for an elderly survivor.  Please join us and give your blessing to Israel today:

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