Israel in Turmoil

Jerusalem, Israel

So, this small land of Israel is in turmoil. Israel Relief Aid is stepping up to help.  Currently we have a project of packing food bags (which are kosher for Passover) and will be delivered to poverty-stricken families in Bat Yam.

Pesach Food Distribution Volunteers

With Passover approaching in two weeks, Israel Relief Aid had Passover Seders for 320 people planned, which have had to be canceled because people now are not allowed to congregate under the regulations of the Coronavirus. 

Passover Food Distribution Bags

Now with over 600,000 Israelis on unemployment and out of work, and without salary, the more bags we have funds for, the more needy Israelis we can help.  The government has actually asked registered nonprofits in the country to help any way they can.  We hope you will remember Israel as you also prepare in your own home.

Our team wishes you good health during these exceptional times we are in!