An Unexpected Blessing

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Meir, a middle-age autistic adult (he is able to speak but still needs daily oversight), lives at home with his senior mother and his sister Mayan in the central district of Israel, west of Jerusalem.  Mayan, Meir’s older sister is partially handicapped for a few years now. 

All of them are not working, as the mother is a senior yet also is responsible for the care of her autistic son, along with now in these last years, a lot of help from his sister.  Financially, they rely on an old age stipend and a disability stipend mostly, and it covers basic expenses, but not much more.

Mayan and her mother aren’t the type to ask for handouts.  These are highly responsible people.   Like many Israelis, they don’t own a car but depend on the public transportation system (buses and trains), or walking (even with the handicap) and also isn’t known for asking people for rides to get to the store for groceries or to the doctor.  They have basically learned how to be content in the circumstances they find themselves in.

Israel Relief AId Loading bedding in container

It’s been 20+ years of use for their bedding, so when they were offered new bedding in packaging by Israel Relief Aid the family received with joy.

The bedding arrived in the last aid container.  Thank you to all those who helped with financial support for the work of Israel Relief Aid.