Needed Comfort in Trying Times

holding an old womans hand

With the proliferation of the coronavirus, the elderly and poor of Israel are feeling isolated and even more vulnerable than usual.

Families receiving Passover food bags

We are packing food bags for an outreach to help bring comfort and assistance to this sector. Face masks are also being given out.

Israel Relief Aid is dedicating the month of April to collecting funds for bags of Passover foods for the poverty population of Israelis in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem hass an older community with a lot of Holocaust Survivors, widows and disabled living on small monthly stipends.

Pesach Food Distribution Volunteers

Israel Relief Aid feels it is important to preserve dignity of these families with Pesach food bags that contain foods like matzot, grape juice, chicken soup mix and other foods that are traditional for the holiday, as well general use.

We also wish to connect you with Israel! Our donors are a blessing to us, and to all Israel. We are here for you when you can’t be!

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