Pesach Cleaning Time


Every Israeli homemaker knows what happens after Purim . . . “spring cleaning”!  The real and symbolic cleaning that is done for Passover is the deepest possible cleaning.  Cleaning everything that hasn’t been cleaned for a year.  As we are cleaning, our minds connect what we are doing to the meaning of the holiday – that there won’t be any spot of unleavened bread anywhere. 

Pesach Food Distribution Volunteers

It takes a lot of extra time to do that kind of cleaning.  Passover is only 4 weeks later, on April 8!  So that is why we are already thinking about Passover. 

Israel Relief Aid is dedicating the whole month of March to collecting funds for bags of Passover foods for the poverty population of Israelis in Bat Yam. . . to connect you with Israel for the holiday.  Our donors are a blessing to us, and to all Israel.  We are here for you when you can’t be!

Bat Yam is an older community with a lot of Holocaust Survivors, widows and disabled living on small monthly stipends. With the proliferation of the coronavirus, they are feeling even more vulnerable

Passover Food Distribution Bags

Israel Relief Aid feels it is important to preserve dignity to these families with Pesach food bags that contain foods like matzot, grape juice, chicken soup mix and other foods that are traditional for the holiday.  

Help Israelis In Need for Passover