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Coronavirus mask and asian newspaper


We’ve been affected by the coronavirus!  Since China is a dominant country in the container shipping industry, the virus has affected global container shipping, and that includes our containers. 

Our Netherlands container donors reported last week about the lack of room on all the container ships in the Rotterdam port.  Amazing!  So this container has been delayed for a couple weeks.  We are already working on the container after this one, since the aid centers are rapidly giving out to the Israeli public and more stock is needed.  To help towards a container click here.

We look forward to this virus “dying off” and this problem being finished (not to mention the human effects of the virus).  Israel has been very low on its numbers in compared to the Far East, Italy, US, etc. By the way, they say that if someone catches the virus, besides the reporting tasks they need to follow, to keep themselves very warm, drink hot drinks; all that heat and warmth helps to fight the virus.

Ballot Box Israel

Israeli Elections

Today, March 2, is Elections Day (for the third time) in Israel.  More of an effort is being made in order to try to avoid the typical stalemate between the two largest political parties, and thus to avoid a fourth election, by appealing more to the citizenry to actually get out and vote.  In the previous two elections in 2019, voter turnout was 67-70%.  There is another 30% who didn’t vote! 

Depending on which party has the most votes at the end of the day (mostly counted by the day after), the final decision is not made there.  The next step is left to President Rivlin to invite one of the parties to a two-month window to form a coalition of 60 members.  In the last election, neither party was able to form a coalition, even though one of the parties got more votes.  They each had two tries to form a coalition.  So, the process starts today and we will see what the outcome will be.

The winning party and its head (the future prime minister), will build a cabinet of ministers, and they will govern all things including seaports, defense, etc., and this will affect us in every way.