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“The one entering the month of Adar enters with much joy.”

Purim treats and gifts

This synopsis comes from the Hebrew book of Esther wherein it says that the Hebrews had splendor and merriment, exultation and triumph. . .“ 

February 25 begins the Israeli month of Adar, and Israelis wonder how to have this joy.

Looking ahead to a joyful occasion simply gives us joy.  It’s that easy.

When you think about your disposition, for instance, on the first day of Av in the pressing heat of summer, your disposition is not a joyful one because the 9th of Av, a sad day of fasting for the Hebrew people is quickly approaching. 

Yet on the first day of Adar, Israelis know that Purim is ahead (March 9-11), the holiday of salvation and the flip-flop of a great tragedy to miraculous grace and splendor from above.  It’s a time of great joy, merriment, feasting, and the giving of gifts to the poor.

So, as you enter Adar . . . look ahead, and enjoy!