The Tu b’Shvat and Purim Connection


The Israeli month of Shevat is here and Feb 10 (the 15th day of Shevat on the Jewish Calendar) is Tu b’Shevat .  This Israeli holiday is all about tree fruit, counting, obedience and blessing.

Then, a few weeks afterward comes the Israeli holiday of Purim. 

It is an interesting concept to wonder whether not counting the trees in regards to Tu b”Shevat for so many years caused the Hebrews a tragic consequence in the Purim story, with its close proximity in timing afterward.  Historically, for seventy years the Israelis didn’t observe the “shmita” year of letting the land and what grows on it to rest, and as a consequence, found themselves in another country, and later the Purim story took place at this time of year.

Keeping Dignity for Purim Celebrations


Israel Relief Aid was asked to help this Purim with gifts for poverty-level kids in Haifa.  The rule about giving food and charity gifts at Purim is that it is forbidden to evaluate the recipient’s level of need.  So, it’s more like “scattershot” holiday giving – making sure everyone has something to celebrate the holiday with and no one is left out.

When 30% of kids in Israel are living in poverty, then the holiday becomes just another hungry day.   


February 1-29 (this year’s a leap year!) will be dedicated to collecting funds for a Purim Holiday Gifts For Kids Event in Haifa in the north of Israel.  This whole month we will be gathering just for that.  Then on March 1 the gifts will begin to be put together and purchased. 

We are here to be your hand extended here in the Holy Land, just as if you were here and blessing Israel.  Giving food gifts at the Purim holiday is a main tradition especially to the struggling and needy.  So we invite you to bless Israeli kids for Purim and be blessed.

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