Israel –The Worst Will Soon Be Over

Holocaust Survivor receiving winter supplies

Reporting on our Winter Warm Campaign, blankets, jackets, umbrellas, winter caps and more were distributed in the north, south and center of Israel for this year’s campaign. 

Holocaust Survivor receiving winter supplies

Up in the Galil region of northern Israel it is colder.  Seniors and Holocaust Survivors with no family in Israel at all were recipients of plush warm blankets.

Holocaust Survivor receiving winter supplies

In Jerusalem, Israel Relief Aid recently brought warm clothing for the new immigrants.

In Beer Sheva, out of the container came beautiful parkas for the seniors, some of them Holocaust Survivors.


The coldest Hebrew month, Tevet, now changed to Shvat, which began Sunday evening January 26.  Although still frigid cold in Israel, we know that soon it will begin to warm up.  Shvat is the month of the holiday Tu b’Shvat, in which the songs say:  The almond tree blossoms, the bright sun shines, birds at the top of every roof. . .   So, we are waiting for the warmth.

Blessings to all our donors for helping with this Winter Warm Campaign in Israel.  You have brought warmth and love and Israel thanks you!