Taking the Seniors Out for the Day to the Holy City

JerusalemTour Elderly

This is a follow-up report of a recent Day Out for Israeli seniors living under the poverty line in the central area.  Transportation was provided to Jerusalem to see the city’s sights, have a full hot lunch, and make new friends. 

JerusalemTour elderly luncheon

Loneliness is an issue when people are living under the poverty line, as there’s no money to do something super-fun and interesting like this.  Our goal is not only to get them out of their apartment and give them the opportunity to make friends, but also to give them a nutritious full meal with dignity.  This is also an opportunity to discuss the sites that were visited and things they all have in common.  The discussion is always quite lively and dynamic.

JerusalemTour elderly lunch

Instead of a one-hour visit to an apartment of a lonely senior, having a group outing gives them so many more opportunities and gets them out instead.  In the matter of several hours, a whole entire group can have a day of interaction  . . . and form new relationships.

 To make the day last longer, we always give away reference materials about the places that were visited, and the people look forward to reading them at home, which extends the trip to even more interesting memories.

Supporting Holocaust Survivors and seniors that are struggling in Israel, giving them a real meal, going slowly and taking the time to explain the sites to them properly, this is a real blessing for them.  It helps them mentally and emotionally as well, and that’s important.

Thank you to our friends who are supporting and building up Israel!  Israel Relief Aid is taking the time to do here a quality job . . . to do what you would do if you were here.  Israel Relief Aid is here for them, and for you!