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Israel Relief Aid Sderot Center

Sderot Aid Center Manager in front of Bomb Shelter

The Gaza Strip border town of Sderot is where so many bombs fell from nearby Hamas, not just once, but all day long. 

Sderot Aid Center Supply delivery

With 450 missiles falling in Israel in just two days last November (half that amount all in the area around Gaza), residents were basically “living” in their bomb shelters.  The residents are shell-shocked with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), in addition to being financially constrained (lack of businesses in the area now).  They’re “holding down the fort” there . . . but how much really can people take? 

Let’s work towards getting more supplies to Sderot via the Sderot Aid Center

When you are in a bomb shelter, and fear coming out of it, you need basic supplies like large multi-use bags,  paper goods, etc. like the Israel Relief Aid supplies shown.  But they also need all kinds of other things, especially for growing babies and children.  Also, items for the elderly who need extra help. 

The people of Sderot feel forgotten.  Times when  we have given to them lately, we have seen them cry.

They are so deeply appreciative, and just feel loved that people acknowledge what they go through. 

If you feel led to join us in blessing the Israelis living near the border in the city of Sderot, please join us in supplying to Sderot.  We simply can’t forget them.