Latest report on Israel war/activities

Dumpster diver

It’s amazing the things people throw away . . . and that people find inside a dumpster.

This man is making a great “find” of a pair of nice shoes and possibly good socks.  (What do you need in winter in Israel?  Jacket/ shoes/socks – something to keep warm – a must, and people will go to any length in this cold temperature).

Israeli immigrants receiving aid

In nearby Jerusalem, Israel Relief Aid recently brought all kinds of clothing, women’s hygiene goods, and other good things.  In the picture you can see new immigrants filled with joy to have something to keep warm at night, because Jerusalem is colder than other cities.

Female Holocaust Survivors wearing red parkas

In Beer Sheva, in the south, out of the container came beautiful red parkas for the super cold desert nights.  Do they worry that they are all wearing the same red parka?  Not even for a second.  Just happy to be warm this winter!

In Beer Sheva, the recipients were seniors, some of the Holocaust Survivors.  That’s always a good feeling to give to the more needy ones.

Hey thank you to all our donors for helping with the containers that brought these jackets in.  You have brought a huge blessing. . . and we know that you will be blessed back.  We will continue our Warm Winter Drive thru January 30th. There is MUCH more to be done to keep Israelis warm this winter. Join us!

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