Your Hand in Israel

Women picking out items at Israel Relief Aid Center partner in Galilee

Israel Relief Aid recently brought in a container with some great items in it and all the aid centers in the country that asked to receive some, all got a share.  When the aid center then offers these items from the container to the public coming into their aid center, you can see what happens.

Women selecting items at Israel Relief Aid center partner in Galilee

This aid center is in the north of Israel, in Galilee, where there are a lot of Russian immigrants and Holocaust Survivors also.

Israelis in need selecting items in Israel Relief Aid Center Partner in Galilee

I’m always amazed that the great need in Israel continues, but as long as there continues to be the flow of Aliyah to Israel, there will be this continual need (as they discover when they get here that it’s difficult financially).

Israel Relief Aid cannot take the credit for this great distribution to so many needy people.  Our donors play a critical part in this becoming a reality.  We are simply your hand in Israel.  You should take part in the credit.  What a blessing.  You can see the look on people’s faces.  You’ve done a great thing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!