Israel – Land of the Modest Income

Mother in Israel with her baby

About two years ago, this beautiful lady Nadya married Yaakov from Netanya, Israel and together they had this darling little girl Neta.  Since then, they have one modest income from the father. 

This is the typical story of the average Israeli family.  Children come along and a family materializes.  Child care then becomes required.  (Mom is always best, however there are other very expensive pre-school and nursery options that only those with a high-paying job can afford.) 

Without the incomes of both parents, it is a financial struggle, and purchases are limited to basically food, rent, and utilities.  You can be happy that way, but things can be seriously lacking:  baby clothing, supplies and equipment, unless they are borrowed or gifted.

Men Unloading Israel Relief Aid Container

Israel Relief Aid, through import of huge humanitarian aid containers and infrastructure of institutions and welfare centers locally all over Israel, loves to help families with babies, and give them a blessing of baby clothing and baby supplies.

Through the Kfar Saba center, this family was found and have happily welcomed this help for their baby girl.  The family asks to thank all the donors and everyone who gave towards this help being a reality.

In this month of December, donations toward humanitarian aid in Israel will be matched dollar for dollar.  An aid container is waiting.

Aid container


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