Lives Change at the Broken Hearts Café

Volunteers cooking at the Tel Aviv Homeless Center

Thank you to everyone who gave towards feeding the homeless in Israel!

In November, Israel Relief Aid, with the help of its donors, purchased many kilos each of rice, lentils, pasta, cereal, buckwheat, beef, tea and sugar for the Broken Hearts Homeless Café in downtown Tel Aviv

Food line at tel Aviv Homeless Center

The Tel Aviv Homeless Café, while having a network of people to cook 7 days a week, struggled with adequate supply of food for this daily meal for the homeless.

Tel Aviv Aid Center Food Delivery

Israel Relief Aid adopted this Café in 2018 for a project on a yearly basis, to stock out the kitchen with as much non-perishable food as possible.

Homeless man receiving a hot meal at Tel Aviv Homeless Center

At Thanksgiving it is a great feeling to stock their kitchen for the homeless.

We also helped the café to refurbish, as it was looking a little “down”. New paint, new tables, new chairs.

Men eating a meal at the Tel Aviv Homeless Center