Holiday Joy for Jerusalem’s Children in Poverty

girl smiling

How tragic that the darkness of poverty prevents many Israeli children from experiencing the joy and warmth that we love at holiday time.  Over one million Israeli children are in poverty.  But together, we can put a smile back on these little faces.

Other children in Israel will enjoy sweets and presents in their homes.  But these children are living in poverty and going without since they’ve been in Israel, and even before.  This is why Israel Relief Aid has chosen these particular kids, right now, at the holidays.   We want to purchase gifts for them which will bring a smile to their tender spirits.

Hanukkah gifts

And that is why I am writing to you now in December, the season of our rejoicing—to ask you:  Would you enable us to bring gifts to encourage Israeli kids in Jerusalem who would not otherwise receive a gift?

This event is beyond our normal flow of aid containers to our network of aid centers, the IDF, hospitals and institutions . . . because 1.5 million Israelis are in poverty.  But this request is strictly for the children. 

Your gift will enable Israel Relief Aid to provide holiday gifts to children in Jerusalem in one of the poorest sections.  These families are immigrant Jews in financial deficit, and the others are barely squeaking by, with nothing for the holiday.

Every $ you donate will be MATCHED!  Our generous two donors that gave us our last matching challenge have offered another challenge from Dec 3rd to Dec 31st up to $25,000!  We’re SO excited! 

This is the time of year that we celebrate what we believe in.  Let’s together show compassion on the smallest of them – right in Jerusalem in the Holy Land of Israel.  Thank you, and may your New Year be extra blessed!