Broken Hearts Café

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Someone asked me today whether homeless people like the life of freedom they are living and are they not living it by choice.

Tel Aviv Homeless Meal

The Broken Hearts Café that Israel Relief Aid supports in Tel Aviv, in one of the largest homeless areas in Israel, is called that name because of the homeless people it serves, the broken-hearted.

Tel Aviv Cooks

There, the homeless and down-and-outers are fed a meal every day and provided clothing.   More than 1000 people pass through the Café every month.

 In the past two years the Broken Hearts Café has had more than 300 successes in turning around people living on the street who have gone into halfway houses for rehabilitation.  They testify to a life-changing experience with the help of the Café and rehab.  The answer to our question is that the broken hearts of the homeless are caused by a lack of hope to be able to get themselves out of their situation.

Tel Aviv Food Line

The Tel Aviv Homeless Café, while having a network of people to cook 7 days a week, struggles with adequate supply of food for this daily meal for the homeless. 

Israel Relief Aid adopted this Café in 2018 for a project on a yearly basis, to stock out the kitchen with as much non-perishable food as possible.  

Thanksgiving is nearly here – won’t it be a great feeling to stock their kitchen before the holiday?

Hand with a paint roller painting a wall

We are also helping the café to refurbish, as it’s looking a little “down”.  New paint, new tables, new chairs.

Let’s do this –together we can spruce up the Homeless Café and give a meal to a lot of people . . . . . and give them a chance to turn their lives around.