What Do Israeli Pensioners Need?

Israeli Elderly

If we wanted to help impoverished Israeli pensioners in Israel, the first thing would easily be with a meal.  That’s the first basic need, and since they don’t have an income, simple basic needs like that become quite more important.

Lunch in Jerusalem

Loneliness is a real issue for pensioners in Israel and even more for those that are struggling financially.  So, number 2 of our list of what pensioners need, would be group social activities – meeting new people, making friends.

Thirdly, getting out of their four walls, out of their facility, etc. to places they’ve never seen (in this case – sites in Jerusalem) is something they really desire. 

On this trip sponsored by Israel Relief Aid, the pensioners were taken up to one of the great museums in Jerusalem and given a great meal.  Talking together about the things they saw, the historical books that tell about these sites, and excitedly receiving take-home materials made it a thrilling day for this group.  Thank you to our friends who participated in this event, for touching the lives of these precious Israelis.